BREAKING: Chelsea records two positive Covid-19 tests in latest round of testing

Chelsea has reported two new positive covid-19 cases ahead of sunday’s clash with Manchester City.

The positive covid-19 cases are reported to be among non-playing staffs.

This is following the surge in positive covid cases in the UK which saw Man City’s game with Everton postponed after five positive cases were recorded at the Manchester club.

Frank Lampard has expressed worries over the current situation of the pandemic in the UK and how it might affect football.

“I haven’t been given the chances of the game being postponed. I’m just aware of the situation and at the moment the game is on.” He said in his recent interview.

“We know that Manchester City had some positives within their training ground. We’ve had a couple ourselves, but not on the playing staff. That’s the current situation.”

“I am not sure about that one. I understand it. I certainly love football and if you love football you love watching lots of games at home.

“I think safety has to be paramount. When you look at our squad, I think the fact I said we have a couple of staff who have tested positive means that they are people who are working within our bubble who have babies, parents, friends, grandparents, who they see when they come home from work.

“We are in an environment with Covid more contagious than we previously thought it was. I think safety is paramount as opposed to keeping the nation’s spirits up.

“I know it is not the nice thing to say, but these are tough times for everyone and we enjoy watching our football but health and safety has to come first.”

Lampard added: “I have to say the Premier League and clubs themselves have done everything to make the environment as safe as possible. As we are finding, that’s not always easy to do when people are going home and leaving the building with the numbers going up. Particularly in London, where we are at.

“I think the football authorities, Premier League, government and everybody has to be clear that it would be beneficial to stop and do a ‘circuit breaker’ or something. That’s something I don’t know about. If you are told to stop, you stop.”

The game between City and Chelsea is still scheduled to be played on Sunday.

With this recent developments, it will be no surprise is the game is called off.

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