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Arsenal Squad News vs West Brom in the EFL Cup

Arsenal are without ain in their last two games in the epl, worse still they are without a Goal in both games and with them facing Manchester city who just thrashed Norwich 5-0, Arteta men would need a game to boost their confidence ahead of that game and the West Brom game would provide the avenue for them to boost their confidence as they are the favorite to win the game.

Arsenal would see some of their key players return to their side as Thomas partey who got Injured during Preseason is set to return to training with the squad by the end of August.

Hector Bellerin might feature in the bench for Arsenal as he was ruled out in the chelsea match following a tight thigh but he is set to return to this Arsenal side that would face Westbrom.

Eddie Nketiah Sustained an Injury in his right ankle during the Preseason tie against Chelsea and is set to join the team early September.

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Alexandre Lacazette was tested positive for covid-19 but is set to start Against West Brom in the epl cup and hopefully be the missing part of the jigsaw Arsenal need to find their tooth scoring goals.

Willian is being monitored by the Medical team as he has been tested positive of Covid 19, it’s a possibility to see the player start or feature in the bench against West Brom.

Ben white is also tested positive off Covid 19 and is being monitored and won’t be starting the match.

Martin Odegaard would feature in the match.