ArsenalMatch Highlights

Arsenal 1-1 Burnley (Premier League) 2020/2021 Full Highlights (Watch Video)

An encouraging start to the game for Mikel Arteta Arsenal eventually ended on a disappointing ground as Arsenal failed to grab a win from the Encounter even though Burnley failed to provide any meaningful bit of attack during the game.

Xhaka disappointed his teammates once again as he gave a misplaced pass from berd Leno to Chris wood who didn’t fail to tap it into the net.

Aubameyang in the 8th minute into the game have what one could term as a golazo in the net as he gave Arsenal the lead in the early minutes with Extreme confidence.

Arsenal were also denied a penalty in the second half as Nicholas Pepe tried to toggle his way past a Burnley Defender that eventually touched the ball with his hands. Unfortunately the penalty wasn’t given.

Watch the full Highlights 👇

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