Another Billionaire expresses interest in buying Arsenal if Kroenke decides to sell the club

Thousands of Arsenal fans protested against Kroenke ahead of Friday’s match against Everton, following the European Super League saga which saw the Gunners and five other Premier League clubs withdraw from the controversial competition.

Arsenal fans have been demanding that Stan Kroenke sells the club as they believe he doesn’t have the best interest of Arsenal at heart.

Spotify founder Daniel Ek has revealed that he would be interested in buying Arsenal if owner Stan Kroenke decides to sell the club.

The 38-year-old declared his interest in purchasing the club on his official twitter account where he further states he has been a fan since childhood.

And according to The Telegraph, it was not just a PR Stunt and Ek is ready to enter negotiations with the view to submitting a formal offer.

Daniel Ek has an estimated net worth of 4.8 billion dollars according to Forbes. He successfully launched Spotify in 2008 which has gone on to become one of the biggest music streaming platform in the World currently.