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ANALYSIS! Ziyech Vs Van-beek See who had a better Transfer

Both players left Ajax, last season to join the Premiership clubs but who has been the better player 🤷‍♀️ this and more is all we would analyze in this article.

Many would argue that van Beek has had a better season than Hakim Ziyech but the truth is 😅 let’s see what fans on Twitter have to say on this before we proceed to our analysis.

As you can see in the tweets above both players haven’t had that good run of games this season, Hakim Ziyech has barely even played this season as he has been battling with series of injuries.

Van De has barely started a game this season for Manchester United as his manager ole gunner prefers both Bruno Fernandes and Paul pogba above the Frenchman.

That doesn’t mean we can’t analyze based on the stats both have gotten during the season, let’s ride into some serious stats guys 😉.

Hakim Ziyech has been by far the most creative Chelsea player this season even though he hasn’t had a consistent run of games for the team due to incessant injuries that have hampered his run of games.

Even at that, he was able to get 2 goals and 3 assists in 12 games both in the UCL and the premier league. Do not judge him by the amount of games as he did not start all.

Van de Beek has not been given the required trust by his manager yet as ole prefers Brink Fernandes above him, even at that he has been able to form a formidable partnership with Juan Mata in the few games they played.

He has been able to get 1 goal and 1 assist in the 19 games he featured in for Manchester United this season.