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Analysing Chelsea Potential ST transfer options to partner Timo Werner Next Season if Haaland deal Fails

Chelsea and Werner haven’t had the best romance when it comes to scoring goals. However, Werner has provided in other areas, such as progressing the ball, assists or linking play. Chelsea lacks a goal scorer at the moment, and this is the thread to solve while Werner regains it.

Firstly Tuchel’s system. Tuchel deploys a 3-4-3 where the wide CB’s act as full backs looking for runs to play in. The WB’s hold their width and help to progress the ball and put in crosses, whereas the ST looks to make runs in behind and be a goal threat.

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Tuchel’s system does lack goals but does stop goals coming in but I’m sure he will do this till the end of the season, so he can solidify Chelsea a Champions league spot which is working well now. Chelsea’s ST department has been cursed over the last few years such as Morata and Higuain but hopefully one of these players below make the difference. Chelsea’s top priority should be Haaland of course but these players are in the instance if Haaland does not work out this year.

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1.Romelu Lukaku – Lukaku whom we all know as an ex Chelsea player plays for Inter Milan and is 27 years old right now. He has registered 19 goals and 8 assists putting him 7th in Europes top 5 leagues for goals. Everyone knows him for his “poor” touch & his bad spell at Man Utd, but not for the fact he is a ruthless goal scorer. Combined with his destructive left foot, strength off the charts meaning he can bully CB’s & not the other way round. Entering his prime now, meaning it may be pricy, but worth it.

This is going to be all down on Tuchel’s system next year. Lukaku operates best in a duo st system and not a lone striker as we see at Inter and we see the failure at Man Utd. Perhaps Tuchel could operate a Lukaku and Werner strike force which could be potentially devastating for the rest of the league. Maybe seeing Lukaku as a target man/false 9 and Werner getting in behind. Lukaku has registered an xG of 17.9 and has 0.84 goals p90. The Price Tag is where the problem lies. Is he worth 80m+ at this time?

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2.Dominic Calvert Lewin – DCL, an England International at the age of 24, meaning he can still improve. Arguably the perfect definition of a striker, pace, strength, elite finishing and dominant in the air. DCL could operate as a lone striker or duo as we’ve seen under Ancellotti with Richarlison. Werner could operate as an inside forward like Rashford and DCL playing the False 9 as he loves to link play and get in the box like a snake and pounce on that whipped cross with his insane vertical and strong heading.

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DCL had an insane start to the season where he was on everyone’s FPL while James, Richarlison and Digne was providing him with many chances. Now the chances aren’t coming hes struggling to score but still 12th in Europe based of non-penalty goals. Who know if he was provided with more chances. DCL has an xG of 12.1 and 0.59 goals p90. This g90 was higher before January which is unfortunate to see from a promising national. His shot on target percentage is 54.8% whereas Lewandowski has one of 42.9%. Perhaps Chelsea signing him would solve a mutual problem, scoring ‘MORE’ goals. DCL would cost a bit over 50 million but perhaps a swap deal could see Chelsea save a bit of their ‘unlimited’ budget.

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3.Andre Silva– A Portuguese international who has a very high ceiling and is starting to show that at Frankfurt after a bad spell at Milan. The 24-year-old has scored 21 goals alongside his 4 assists seeing him have an amazing time in the Bundesliga.

Andre Silva is a solid finisher with a variety of techniques. His dribbling is a joy to watch as he moves so quick with the ball at his feet and can beat players 1 vs 1. He gets in behind and again, like the others, links players with quick layoffs.

Silva has been seen as a lone striker banging goals but however can operate in a two man system as seen in his recent game against Union Berlin where he scored 2 goals and 1 assist. Andre Silva can be brought in by Chelsea and Werner can still turn into an elite striker alongside him, with Mount and ZIyech/CHO helping provide for the two. 20210329 023432

The table below provides the percentiles you want to see about Silva and it is very good. 94th percentile for Non Penalty goals is what you’d like to see from your striker.

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Silva would be the cheapest from the bunch at about maybe 40 million which is decent price for what you may get from him. Who should Abramovich open his checkbook for if it isn’t Haaland.

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Article Credit @ The CleanSheet

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