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5 Thomas Tuchel Tactical brilliance that Went Unnoticed During Win Against Atletico Madrid

Winning a lone goal against a Simeone managed team isn’t something that happens every day to just any random manager.

Giroud’s stunning overhead kick was all Chelsea needed to get that vital away lead against a Defensively solid Atletico Madrid side.

Tuchel has always been a tactically aware manager since his days with Borrusia Dortmund he has always adopted a complex Tactical style that ensures players Express themselves freely on the pitch something most top managers like Simeone, Mourinho and pep Guardiola do not allow players to do.

Instead, managers like that believe in systems like Pep Guardiola believes in frustrating the opposition with short passes and keeping possession while Mourinho and Diego Simeone believes in going Ultra Defensive and keeping less of the possession while letting the opposition get more of the ball and not know what to do with the possession. They believe in counterattacking the opposition in such situations.

Tuchel doesn’t have such systems as he believes that would hinder the development and Tactical development of the players instead he allows the players to develop themselves freely instead of trying them down to a game of Tactical Brilliance.

That was exactly what happened yesterday, Mason mount was seen roaming freely on the pitch without being tied to a particular position, and he was even the one with the assist that led to the goal. An example of him moving Positional free is on the below video.

Another Tactical brilliance he Displayed that was just enough to get the better out of the Tactical puzzle between him and Diego Simeone was the (3-4-3) formation he used to contain Simeone (4-4-2) formation.


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