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4 Tactical Masterclass Ole Used to End Pep Guardiola Winning Run

Manchester United vs Man City under Ole and Pep Guardiola has always been something that could be termed as a clash between two football Titians with Pep Guardiola always at the losing end of the Clash.

How did Ole Gunnar Solskjaer beat Pep Guardiola this time?

Compact Football that gave no room for Manchester city super creative Midfield to operate was what ole used to overpower pep Guardiola.

A style know to be used mostly by Jose Mourinho where he priorities Midfield Defense and hit a counter when the opposition Midfield is left open.

That was exactly the style ole Gunnar Solskjaer used to get the better off Pep Guardiola.

Man of the Match?

Luke Shaw was super impressive in this match as he made the left hand side of the pitch his.

His combination with Marcus Rashford on the left was deadly enough to get himself a goal.

Although Anthony Martial could be also given the award despite him missing two big chances.

Ole even said;

I had doubts playing Martial but so far he has been impressive and he has been strong and confident on the ball.

He won the penalty in the early minute of the game which Bruno Fernandes converted to give Manchester United the lead. Watch the video.

Dean Henderson is also a contender for the man of the match award as he was really solid in the goal and saved shots that normally would have been a goal if David De Gea was in the goal from ilkay gundogan and Kelvin de brunye.

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