4 Players that Disappointed Arteta in Arsenal 1-0 Win against Burnley

Despite the 1-0 win over Burnley, some players didn’t show they had what it takes to propel Arsenal to the next level. They didn’t show that class that was expected from them.

In this article, we would be discussing some players that did not show what was needed from them in the win against Burnley based on fans’ opinion but before we go into that let’s take a look at what Mikel Arteta said during his post-match press conference.


💬 “That was a hard-fought victory in a place that it is tough to come to and win. We had some big phases where I saw a lot of things that we want as a team.”

We wouldn’t want to criticize Arteta but all he said in his press conference was him having that mediocre mentality. A side like Arsenal should be beating a side like Burnley confidently with Burnley hiding behind their goal, but that’s what Arsenal has turned out to be off late ever since he and Unai emery were appointed Arsenal managers.

Defense Partnership?

Looking at Ben white Partnering Gabriel on paper looks super good who wouldn’t want to see that in reality having just seen it in the paper? Well, your guess is the same as mine. No one!.

The Defensive Partnership seems to be lacking So many mistakes between them during the game and with luck Being on the side of Arsenal it didn’t Result in a Goal. They are both young with plenty of games to finally adjust to learning each other and they might turn out to be the best Defense Partnership in Europe in the future but for now, they just don’t cut it.

Attack Gone wrong?

Aubameyang and Saka looked lost during the game. The Gabonese Striker had no one feeding him with through balls and Saka on his part has been overplayed of late and needs to rest.

During the game, they just did not have any impact.