3 things Chelsea fans should expect from new signing Saúl

Chelsea new boy Saúl Niguez is evidently excited about his move to Chelsea and the new challenge ahead of him.

The Spaniard has made posting pictures of himself in Chelsea kits somewhat of a perpetual continuum ever since his loan move from Atletico Madrid on deadline day.

Saúl joined Chelsea in a deal similar to the deal that saw Matteo Kovacic join Chelsea from Real Madrid in 2018 and just like the Croat who was Chelsea’s player of the season in the 2018/19 season, Saúl will be hoping to make a good first impression in his first season at the club. Saúl has also taken the number 17 shirt which was first donned by Matteo Kovacic in his first 2 seasons at the club and the Spaniard already seems to be enjoying life training alongside compatriots, Kepa Arrizabalaga and Marcos Alonso.

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Thomas Tuchel has one of the most enviable midfields in Europe with Jorginho and N’golo Kanté bagging individual awards in the recent UEFA awards ceremony. Matteo Kovacic has also fared brilliantly when ever called upon and Saúl Niguez joining the trio at the club is quite mouthwatering.

So, what should Chelsea fans expect from their club’s new signing?


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Apart from his quality that shines through whenever he’s on the ball, one notable feature of Saúl Niguez is his ability to ship in goals from midfield. And this sets the Spaniard apart from the 3 other midfielders at Chelsea as neither Jorginho, N’golo Kanté nor Matteo Kovacic are known for their goalscoring abilities.

Saúl scored 43 goals as a midfielder for Atletico Madrid in the 6-7 seasons he played for their senior team and this is quite impressive compared to the tally the current central midfielders at Chelsea can boast of.

The midfielder is best remembered for his solo goal that helped Atletico Madrid beat Bayern Munich 1-0 in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final in 2016 as he danced his way through several Bayern Munich players before slotting into the bottom corner. A goal the Spaniard described as the best of his career.

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Amongst the current Chelsea midfielders, Saúl seems the most versatile as just like Matteo Kovacic, he can excel anywhere in midfield, be it defensive midfield, attacking midfield or central midfield.

One more thing gives the Spaniard the edge over the Chelsea midfielders and that is his ability to play on the flanks. The 26 year old clearly has pace and can play left or right midfield. He’s flourished for Atletico in this position a few times.

Left foot:

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Most of the most special talents to have ever emerged in football were left-footers, ranging from the likes of Diego Maradona, Roberto Carlos to Robin Van Persie and we presently have delightful left-footers like Lionel Messi, Riyad Mahrez and Hakim Ziyech still gracing our screens.

Most left-footed footballers are quite attack minded though and you’d hardly find a central or defensive midfielder who is a left-footer. Well, Saúl Niguez is one of the few exceptions as he favours his left foot more than his right foot. The Spaniard becomes just the second left-footed central midfielder to sign for Chelsea in the Roman Abrahmovic era. The first and only previous left-footer was Nemanja Matic who is known to possess a hammer of a left foot.

Saúl is now the only left-footed central midfielder at Chelsea and Chelsea fans would be hoping to see some sort of dynamism from the player.

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