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3 Tactical Brilliance Arteta Displayed against a Jose Mourinho Title Contending Side that led to a win

It wasn’t an easy feat for Mikel Arteta to beat Jose Mourinho using Jose Mourinho Tactical approach. The Spaniard had his side win Tottenham with a 2-1 scoreline with the winner coming off an Alexandre Lacazette clutch penalty kick.

Mikel Arteta once proved again he had all Arsenal wanted from an Arsene Wenger kind of manager as he proved one again he got the skillset to beat any top manager in the world.

He started the game with a 4-2-3-1 formation on paper with turned into a 5-3-2 on the pitch in the first 30 mins with his main focus on attacking Tottenham from the width of the pitch.

His initial approach to the game ultimately got the better off Jose Mourinho who Expected the Spaniard to go ultra Defensive during the start of the game so he would hit Arsenal with so much pressure for them to make stupid errors that would lead to a goal for his side, luckily Mikel Arteta was wise enough not to take that approach.

Benching Aubameyang was one Tactical move Arteta did as the gabonese striker is easily marked out from the game, using Lacazette instead proved to be highly effective in keeping the Tottenham Defense line in Extreme pressure.

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