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3 Reasons Mesut Ozil Does Not Deserve a Statue at Arsenal

After 8 fantastic years at Arsenal, all the Good legacies he built all through that 8 years got tarnished for political reasons as the Arsenal board were trying to be on the good side with the Chinese Government.

One question is always asked 🤔 has Mesut Ozil done enough to be regarded an Arsenal Legend to the point of the club building a statue for him outside the stadium 🤷

Let’s ride guys you would see 3 amazing reasons why Mesut Ozil does not deserve a statue outside the Emirates stadium.

1. He Didn’t do anything Extra Ordinary during his time with Arsenal

Many Arsenal fans all through his stay with the club expected him to be some superhero who would deliver the team when they were down losing but the truth is Mesut Ozil has never been that kind of player, even during his time with Real Madrid.

Ozil is just that player who makes the midfield tick and is creative enough to drive quality passes to the attacker’s.

Looking into his career with Arsenal he didn’t win anything too special with the club although he can’t be fully blamed for that as the club were not ambitious as they sold and allowed most of the star players contract to run out.

Players like Alexis Sanchez, Aaron Ramsey, and Van Persie (yes Robin Van Persie played with Mesut Ozil during his time with Arsenal).

That lack of quality was enough to not make Ozil win anything significant at the club.

2. He has always been a Silent Looking Controversial Player

During his time with the German National team, one could easily know he has always been a player that finds himself in numerous controversial situations.

Like for example the time he was seen in a picture with the turkey president shortly before when he was to play with the German National team and him Fully knowing about the bad blood between the two nations at that time.

That situation made the DFB of the German National team force him into early retirement age the age of just 28 yes 28 🙆.

The issue that brought about him been frozen out of the Arsenal team was that he castigated and ridiculed the Chinese Government over how they treated the Uyghur Muslims and how he bashed them on Twitter with his 24 Million followers.

3. It would be a Disrespectful Sign to Other Arsenal Legends

Arsenal is a club with Immense history and as such the club has witnessed great players come and go and some have worked up to the level of being regarded a legend.

Giving Mesut Ozil a Statue would be the club disregarding the efforts of the Invisibles and legends before them.

We at eplfantasy love Ozil but the truth is he hasn’t reached that level yet to be called a Legend for the club and given the situation he left the club we can only regard him as a great Arsenal player but not as a Legend.

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