3 Most Expensive Bench Warmers in Chelsea History

Being an Expensive Bench Warmer bring alot of negative vibes from the fans on the players as they see the players as flops who could not reach the heights Expected from them.

Chelsea have spent loads of cash on players in recent times with many of those spending failing to reach the heights Expected from them individually.

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We would be looking at the top 5 most Expensive Bench Warmers chelsea ever recuited in their history as a Football club in the premier league.

3. Fernando Torres.

The Spaniard came to the bridge with loads of hypes on him becoming that iconic number 9 for chelsea but lived short of expectations and became a total flop for chelsea fc.

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Torres joined chelsea for a fee rumoured to be in the region of 50 million euros after series of bargains with Liverpool board they allowed the Spaniard leave to chelsea and that move brought about the downward path in his career as he turned out to be a flop for chelsea.

2. Alvaro Morata.

His Transfer to chelsea would go down as the worst Transfer business chelsea ever did in their history as a Football club.

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He was signed from Real Madrid for a fee Reported to be in the region of 57 million euros but ended up being a Bench Warmer as Olivier Giroud was preferred over him sometimes.

There was even a point in his chelsea career where Eden hazard was preferred over him in the Number 9 position.

1. Kepa arrizabalaga.

The young Spanish Goalkeeper joined the club from Athletic Bilbao as the most Expensive Goalkeeper in a deal rumoured to be around 72 million euros making him chelsea most Expensive signing ever at that particular time.

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He failed to nail his place In the squad and that brought about chelsea replacing him with Eduoard mendy who joined from Rennes in the Ligue 1.