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3 Lessons Guardiola Taught Lampard During Chelsea 3-1 Loss to Manchester City

Chelsea were disappointing in their game against pep Guardiola Manchester City team as they were beaten on a 3-1 scoreline. Goals from ilkay Gundogan, Phil Foden, and Kelvin De Brunye was enough to put the game to bed for the Citizens.

According to stats by Amazon prime Video Chelsea manager frank Lampard is now statistically the worst Chelsea manager since Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea, with him getting a point per game of 1.67.

Even with the loss, Frank Lampard did learn a lot from the masterclass pep Guardiola displayed against his team. We analyzed some of the tactical errors made by Frank Lampard and also things Pep Guardiola did that Lampard can learn from.

When pep Guardiola was asked about his thoughts on the game he said;

We played incredible for us to win here at Stamford Bridge, you cannot win titles when you are performing day by day and it’s not getting good, because in the competition especially in the premier league you have to focus on the game first then the results would come.

Pep was thrilled with his team performance during the game even though his strikers failed to meet up during the game, his midfielders were able to get the job done right.

Lampard for the first time since he became Chelsea manager for the team listened to the fans and gave them that dream lineup they all wished to see but that fantasy Chelsea lineup still didn’t go as planned.

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The first tactical mistake Lampard made was to go all-out attacking against a side like Manchester City who are known to frustrate oppositions by keeping the ball to themselves and finding pockets of openings to get a goal.

That tactical approach eventually worked out for Pep and Lampard turned out to be the victim as he made the mistake of making his team attack Manchester City with no emphasis on defense.

Not starting Giroud 😥

Giroud has been on a terrific run of games and has proved to be the man that delivers results when called upon, one would wonder the reason he didn’t start.

Starting Giroud in the game would have exerted pressure in the Manchester City defense line as he is known to be aggressive on defenders and also pull of those amazing kind of goals.