3 Impressive Lessons Arteta Learnt in his Win against Brighton

While Arteta might have won Brighton, he learned a lot from the Encounter and would wish never to repeat the same mistakes he made in the game.

A win against Graham Potter Squad meant Arteta closed on his 2nd win in the space of three days, in the process exerting pressure off himself and earning the trust of the board who are desperate for a change on the laid down ambition in the team.

When asked about his team performance in the game Mikel Arteta voiced out his frustration in a polite way and same time praised his team for putting extra effort into winning the game. Watch the video below 👇

Although all tactical moves Arteta tried in the game failed even when he decided to use two-player to take a Corner Kick in the attempt to confuse his opponents it still didn’t work.

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Three Things Arteta Learnt from the game against Brighton 😋

  • Never play Aubameyang and drop Lacazette.

That was evident in that game as Aubameyang was not at the top form we all knew him to always be on.

The moment Lacazette was introduced the game changed instantly. Lacazette offers more than just scoring he brings the entire team into play with his superb defensive skills and passing ability acting like that false attacking Midfielder.

  • Saka is a silent beast and should never be benched!

Saka’s performance against Brighton was extremely excellent the player could be seen fighting all through the game for a win for his side.

That determination to win the game for Arsenal saw him bag the winning assist in the game after that superb pass to Alexander Lacazette. WATCH THE VIDEO.

  • Pablo Mari Should start every game

Pablo Mari against both Chelsea and Brighton was Class his tackles in both games were extremely professional.

Although underrated by many Arsenal fans but his performance against Brighton was the reason Arsenal didn’t concede goals as Brighton was on the advantage of being the more attacking side in the game.

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